sjmiller Photography


sjmiller Photography is an endeavor born from a passion.  Photography has always been a strong interest of mine, and with advancement of digital cameras, the good fortune to be able to afford decent equipment, the desire to take classes to learn more, and the need for a creative outlet to showcase the numerous photos I've taken, sjmiller Photography was born.  Without a doubt, sjmiller Photography never would have existed while our kids were growing up since for me, family is always first.  I am fortunate to have a "day job" as an airline pilot, which has pays bills.  It also affords me the ability to travel to different places to photograph new subjects, and allows me the privilege to choose what I photograph.  I do not need photography for basic income.  I use photography for my enjoyment.  This means I can stay fresh, without the burden of needing to get clients.  I am excited to bring my creative eye, attention to detail, and varied photographic skill-set to every photo shoot.  If you are interested in using sjmiller Photography for any photographic needs, I'd be honored to provide you with the best service possible.  Because I am in the fortunate situation to selectively choose quality over quantity, you can be assured that I will give your project my meticulous attention from beginning your satisfaction at the end. 

"Make TODAY Matter"


- Steve